For as long as I can remember I’ve adjusted recipes to make them more healthy... using agave in place of refined sugar... adding bananas and flax into kids cupcakes, basically trying to “healthify”  any treat I was making.

When I learned about the increase in veganism and whole food plant-based diets, I believed it was primarily for health reasons. 

After researching some documentaries on factory farming and the dairy industry I was shocked to learn the dark side ‘behind the scenes’ such as unimaginable animal cruelty and detrimental effects to our environment. Factory farms produce staggering quantities of waste, polluting air, land and water. Each year billions of animals are raised and slaughtered for human consumption. These animals are pumped with antibiotics in order to prevent the spread of disease in the crowded, filthy conditions of confinement. They routinely endure unimaginable cruelty.

With this understanding I decided to leave meat and dairy out of my diet. I found it relatively easy to incorporate whole grains, veggies and legumes into a healthy diet but I really missed cheese. Cheese compliments just about everything... cheese and crackers, cheese with wine, cheese in your veggie taco... how can we give up glorious cheese? I was faced with a conundrum. I couldn’t turn a blind eye to what I’d learned about the dairy industry so I ventured out to try a dairy-free cheese from the store which tasted like solidified oil... flavorless and basically no nutritional value.

I gradually learned the science (and art) of plant-based nut cheese-making. This began my journey into fermentation and all sorts of plant-based cheese experiments. After quite a bit of trial and error, I came up with some delicious and healthy plant-based cheeses that yielded tremendous flavor.

I’m excited to offer a variety of plant-based cheeses and cheesecakes that are dairy-free, healthy and sustainable for our environment. Now we can have our cheese and let the cows graze blissfully in the pasture without harm to our health or that of the planet.